Finally in Poland!

Successful return from Spain

The action of returning Polish riders participating in the international Sunshine Tour 2020 and Mediterranean Equestrian Tour - Spring MET 2020 in Spain ended successfully.


Natalia Czernik returned to Poland with her horses from the Sunshine Tour 2020 played in the Spanish town of Vejer de la Frontera. Krzysztof Retka returned from Oliva, where the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour - Spring MET 2020 tournament was played. With the help of the Polish Equestrian Association and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, cars with our representatives' horses could count on crossing the border without having to stay in traffic jam for hours.

All adversities were overcome and just after 6pm Polish crew crossed the Polish border. It couldn't go without further emotions and considerable nerves. Around 2pm it turned out that Natalia Czernik and Krzysztof Retka had to change the route and instead of going to Kołbaskowo they had to go to the crossing in Gubinek. Krzysztof Retka was waiting on the German side, not far from the Kołbaskowo crossing and had to cover another section of the road in Germany to get to Natalia. A large staff of people was involved in the return of our representatives. I thank them all for the enormous help they have given us in this matter. I am thinking of the Minister of Sport Danuta Dmowska-Andrzejuk, officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice and activists from other sports associations. Thanks to this, our representatives' equines didn't have to stand in a 40-kilometer long traffic jam. I am very pleased with the fact that despite considerable difficulties at the beginning of this road, everything ended up happily at its end - said tired Iwona Maciejak, vice president of PZJ.


Although we still have a little to home, but the most important thing is that we are already in Poland. The road at the finish line got a bit longer because they redirected us to another transition at the last moment. A bit further from our stable. However, the journey is very tiring for our horses and they do not look good at the moment. The most important thing is that we will soon enter our stable and then quarantine - Natalia Czernik shared her impressions.

Bez nazwy-2.jpg

I still have 5 hours to drive home, but I can do it. To be honest, as I observed on the way, driving from northern Germany to the crossing in Gubinek, which happens in 60-kilometer traffic jams on our border, the hair bristled on my head. Some ran out of fuel, a car broke down at the end of the road. No drinking, food or toilets. Cold nights. It's really a great drama. We passed very efficiently thanks to the help given to us. Quickly check documents, measure the temperature and after a short while continue on the road. If we had to wait, like others in this traffic jam, our horses would probably not survive it. Thank you very much to all who helped us return. It was amazing. Really class - Krzysztof Retka told his impressions.