Polish champion for Zanotelli.

Our ALO SILIO P sold!

6-year-old gray stallion Alo Silio P bred in Poland and ridden by Krzysztof Retka has changed owner.

With joy, but also a tear in the eye, we announce that the new owner of Alo is the Brazilian rider Marlon Modolo Zanotelli.


Alo Silio P (Cassilio / Aloverien P / Avero 2) was born on January 5, 2014 in the stable of Mr. Witold Polowczyk. He made his first starts with Hubert Polowczyk, until he hit to our hands. Along with Krzysztof Retka, Alo Silio P has achieved great success during the Polish Young Horse Championships in the 5-year-old category held in September 2019 in Strzegom. With each day Alo Silio P "started" more and more, which brought him a gold medal and a championship title.

This is how Krzysztof says about the stallion Alo Silio P:


I saw him about a year ago when a breeder's son, Hubert Polowczyk, started in class P. I liked it and quickly decided to buy it. Together we won the championship title at 5-year-old horses. We have had successful, error-free starts at the international Silesia and Baltica competitions and in Lier. On the one hand, I am glad that my work with the gray Alio Silio P led to the fact that the rider of Marlon Modolo Zanoteli decided that it is worth working with this horse. This is probably the reason why I should be happy with the work I did with this horse. Alo is a horse with a very pleasant character. He is very calm, being a stallion is completely trouble-free in everyday use. Very intelligent. Such a rider's true friend. On the park, however, it is a real "sports machine". Nothing is lacking. I think this is the best horse I have ever worked with and I have ridden so far. Therefore, on the other hand, I felt a little sorry for him to part with. Besides, when I was sitting on it, there was always a girl looking at me. This is obviously just a joke. Nevertheless, I am urgently looking for a new horse for my stake that will allow me to make another satisfactory transaction.


Marlon Modolo Zanotelli is a great rider from Brazil. As of today, Longines Rankings is classified as 15th. In order not to lose contact with the world's top jumpers, he moved from Brazil to Europe. He lives and trains in Belgium. How did it happen that a world-leading rider became interested in a horse bred and trained in Poland? The best will tell about it Krzysztof Retka himself:


When I was leaving the park in Lier, each time 10 people accosted me asking if the horse was for sale. After the competition I had a group of about 30 people who continued to express interest in buying it. I did not know how to select serious buyers from this group. Besides, I didn't really want to sell it to a broker. Someone who, after the test rides, will continue to look for a "target" rider for him. If I was about to sell it, I wanted a buyer to be someone who wants it for myself. That's why in Belgium I decided not to give anyone a horse for test rides. I said that if someone is determined, I invite him to Poland. The stable is close to the airport, and flights to Warsaw are daily. I can pick up him from the airport and pick him back to the plane. From the group of 30 willing there are probably about 10, among them amateurs and professionals. This was the next stage of selection. I decided to continue talking with professionals. Thanks to this, I don't have to be afraid that during the tests someone will get the horse in a bad situation. Just that someone breaks down the horse. Marlon Modolo Zanotelli seemed to be very specific and factual in telephone conversations. I picked him up from the airport and after riding Marlon said that everything is perfect and the horse suits him. After about 3 days for necessary tests, Alo Silio P left our stable in Belgium, where Marlon lives and trains. I will keep my fingers crossed for the further development of gray in starts under this excellent rider. I will wait for it until I see them in the coverage of major competitions at Eurosport.


We will also be closely watching the further progress of our gray stallion. We hope that under such a good rider as Marlon Modolo Zanotelli, a horse bred in Poland will make a great international career.

ALO SILIO P 5yo - CSI YH - LIER (Belgium) - December 2019 - Krzysztof Retka